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Online ID, Age and Credit Reference Service

Verify4u is our online ID, Age and Credit Reference Service for Consumer Name and Postcode Searches. Verify4u match consumer searches to the Electoral Register, IRIS Credit Scores, Dates of Birth and Age Analysis.

Verify4U will return :-

Confirmation of Customer ID.
Risk Assessor Credit Score and Grouping.
IRIS Financial Activity Score and Grouping.
IRIS Subprime Score and Grouping.
Confirm Length of Residency on Verify4U.
Confirm Date of Birth where available.
Confirm Age Prediction in all matches.

Verify4u keeps an audit of all searches for each user which can be made available to that user.

Verify4u will return scores and ID Check from the current Edited Electoral Register and Historic Registers on standard searches. From 2009, where credit is being offered, and user who have registered with Verify4u for a full credit reference service, Verify4u will return scores from the Full Electoral Register.

a IRIS Risk Management
a IRIS Subprime
a Secure Data
a Risk Assessor

Globetech to offer International ID and Age Checks with Aristotle. Integrity Service critical to all suppliers of online Gaming, Alcohol, Pharmaceutical and financial products.

Partnership Opportunities

Globetech are always keen to hear from prospective partners and has started its campaign to get resellers and consultants on board to drive its business forward.

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