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A UK based IT Credit Reference and Ante-Money Laundering services company. Globetech provides online solutions, with UK data analysis from TRAC Consulting, International services with Aristotle's Integrity International Age and ID Validation System and System Support and Development from Elegant MicroWeb.

Globetech's services are only limited by client requirements, we can provide either a very powerful stop-gap to bridge immediate needs, or alternatively Globetech has the capability to provide full on IT support for On Line KYC Checks with Veryf4U and IRIS Credit Scores for online Worldwide credit applications. All UK Credit Reference data and AML Risk Libraries are securely held at our Data Centre in the UK, in a high performance hosting environment with high level 24 hour security.

We are committed to meeting the clients' time and budget requirements while following the best business practices. By virtue of our association with Elegant MicroWeb, we meet the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System to ensure high levels of client approval. QMS is based on key pillars of customer satisfaction, innovation, learning, improvement, and optimization. We are currently implementing an Information Security Management System and are working towards ISO 27001 certification.

Globetech has been initiated with the goal of providing effective ID and Credit Scoring Services offering great value to customers, aptly summarized in, as IT should be. Our trust in developing long-term relationships compels us to promote good corporate citizenship and practice best ethical values. We deliver solutions independent of the technology and architecture used.

Our primary service are our :-

  • Aristotle Integrity International Age and ID Validation System
  • Verify4u ID UK Validation Services
  • Risk Assessor Credit Score
  • IRIS Subprime Score
  • IRIS Purchasing Activity Score
  • IRIS Age Validation and Prediction

a IRIS Risk Management
a IRIS Subprime
a Secure Data
a Risk Assessor

Globetech to offer International ID and Age Checks with Aristotle. Integrity Service critical to all suppliers of online Gaming, Alcohol, Pharmaceutical and financial products.

Partnership Opportunities

Globetech are always keen to hear from prospective partners and has started its campaign to get resellers and consultants on board to drive its business forward.

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